Some Major Myths About Tea - Busted

January 09, 2020 2 min read

The World of Tea is vast, amazing and there is a lot of information available regarding teas. There are several sources out there which simplify it into digestible nuggets of information. However, unfortunately, a large number of these sources contain purely wrong information and give rise to misconceptions regarding teas. Put a stop on such meaningless myths and keep reading further! 

Tea Makes You Darker? 

Since time immemorial, this has been the most common myth regarding teas. But it is not true that drinking tea results in a darker skin tone. The color of a person's skin is solely determined by his/her genetics and the amount of melanin in the skin. Drinking tea cannot and will not affect your complexion. The English people consuming tea are a living example. 

White and Black Teas Are Different Kinds of Plants

All sorts of teas are derived from a common plant that is the Camellia Sinensis. There are no different plants for different teas and but still they all differ in colour, flavour and composition. There are mainly three types of teas - Black, Green and Oolong. The only variation being in their method of processing. Black teas are formulated when tea leaves are exposed to air, green tea is formed when its leaves are steamed and dried in the sun. Oolong tea lies between black and green tea. 

Teas do not have an Expiry Date

It is also a common myth that teas don’t have a shelf life. The reality is that teas cannot be used after 6 months. With time most teas lose the amount of flavonoids present in them. As a result, they lose all flavours and healthy compounds. As per studies, green tea loses over 60% of its catechins in a period of 6 months. 

Tea Should Be Consumed When Nothing Is Added To It 

Contrary to this myth, adding a flavourful dash of lime, orange juice or honey to tea can actually be beneficial for one’s health. Tea has compounds called flavonoids, that are responsible for various health benefits. The citric acid in lemon or orange juice preserves the flavonoids and makes it more healthy. 

You know that tea is extremely healthy and none of these myths hold truth in them. 

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