Cheer Up Your Senses with Teas!

January 09, 2020 3 min read

Tea is a widely consumed beverage at any time of the day. What you feel after drinking it depends upon your mood and on the type of tea you’ve consumed. Studies have found that teas have various effects on our mood and uplift it despite a long day. Not only does tea rejuvenate our soul, but also puts us in a desirable mood. Various types of teas are known to serve various purposes and it is really intriguing that consuming tea can help you channel all the positivity with utmost ease. Keep reading further to know how myriad teas have excellent mood-boosting properties! 


Want to sit back and relish a cup of tea on a lazy evening? Teas that contain rosemary or lemongrass should be consumed as they are found to calm down the body and promote relaxation. Lavender tea is also a good counterpart as the soothing aroma from the lavender rejuvenates the system and cleanses the mind of all the negative thoughts. Black tea is found to contain amino acid L- theanine which helps the mind to relax and concentrate better. Peppermint tea can be described as a minty, caffeine-free infusion. The peppermint leaves form a perfect match for a cool sensation and enables the mind and body to relax.


Green Tea is native to China and is formed from the leaves of Camellia sinensis plants that are unfermented. The polyphenols in green tea have the ability to influence the amount of dopamine that creates a happy state in the brain. Matcha Tea also has a unique form of caffeine called theophylline and it sustains the energy level that supports optimum functionality of adrenal glands responsible for inducing excitement. Ginseng Tea is also consumed as it helps to produce serotonin, which is often lacking in people with depression. 


Cherishing childhood memories with a cup of Hibiscus tea is a great way to relive those moments. Chamomile tea imparts an inner calm with a feeling of wholesomeness. The scent of Lavender and Rose Oils evokes a feeling of nostalgia as the moments from the past run back and forth at the back of our mind. You can enjoy these lovely moments with a cup of Assam Masala Chai or Tulsi Green Tea from our Nostalgic Moods Category.


A fragrant, light and delicate flavour of oolong is one of the best ways to set the mood for the right. White tea is a known aphrodisiac and consists of a blend of rose, lavender, and mint. So, in place of wine, use a cup of Lemon Orange Darjeeling Tea, Rose Green or Platinum white tea to make the atmosphere romantic. 


A cup of tea not only induces freshness, but also gives a heavy boost to your mood. With the high amount of antioxidants present in tea, it passes down smoothly and gives a dose of warmth, happiness and freshness. The famous Darjeeling tea or the Bombay Cutting chai offers some great taste and sweetness. Sip a cup of Yerba Mate that raises alertness, productivity, attention span, and even work performance! Try our Lemon Orange Iced Tea, Lemon Mint Green, Classic Masala Chai and other products available at our online store. 

Tea is an intrinsic part of many cultures and the most-consumed beverage in the entire world. Just choose a favourite from the wide varieties of refreshing teas mentioned above and brew a cup now!

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