• What We Do and How We Do It

We liaise with a stable network of farmers and farmer groups, all of whom practice organic farming and grow natural, pesticide-free produce. We bring to you the bounty straight from the heart of our land, giving you food as it was meant to be enjoyed – completely naturally.

  • Tried And Tested Products

We do not believe in providing products without testing them first. Customer welfare is one of our major concerns and we make sure no product goes undetected and gets delivered without prior proper testing. Our employees check and try the blends for at least a week before we launch the product, thus ensuring only the best of the best gets to you.

  • From Farm to You

We stress on minimal tampering between the sourced ingredients and the finished product. We do not believe in the introduction of a throng of middlemen and hope to eliminate those as much as possible. We focus on the direct interaction, products arriving straight from the source and giving cost of labor where it is due.

  • Connect With Us

We entertain and appreciate queries as well as feedback. Our customer relations department works diligently to ensure no grievance goes unnoticed and all product, sourcing and ingredient questions are answered with accuracy. Contact us at our customer support: or +918800907893