• Say No To Plastic

While eliminating plastic altogether is a mammoth task, one which we aim to conquer slowly but surely, we take measures to achieve minimal plastic usage- both in our products and in our work space. We provide plastic ziplock bags but urge customers to switch to glass jars which we offer as opposed to those. Our tea bags too are devoid of harmful plastic materials and rely on natural sustainable alternatives.

  • Packaging Pioneers

Our packaging, while not perfect, is possibly the most environmentally conscious we've ever been. By taking little baby steps to counter the sustainability issues, we've curated packaging alternatives that don’t harm the earth. It ensures well being for both the customers and the earth. We admit we can be better. Got tips? Feel free to contact us and help us restore Mother Earth to its former glory.

  • Limiting Waste

We firmly believe in the 3R’s: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The earth has been burdened with and subjected to constant pollution, which we aim to curb in our small ways. We limit wastage as much a possible and rely on eco friendly methods- both in our production and our workplace ethos. We cut down on plastic containers and switch to glass ones, choose wooden cutlery and avoid paper usage as much as possible within the workplace.

  • Ingredients That Won't Harm Mother Earth

Sustainable ingredients have been and are our chief priority. We only deal with natural and organically grown ingredients and place value in not the quantity of the production but rather the quality. We follow a strict standard to which all sourced materials must stand up to. We source these materials sustainably, and discard all those which harbor the potential to harm the environment.