• Natural Ingredients

Natural, organic and sustainable ingredients have been and are our chief priority. We only deal with natural and organically grown ingredients and place value in not the quantity of the production but rather the quality. We follow a strict standard to which all sourced materials must stand up to. We source these materials sustainably, and discard all those which harbor the potential to harm the environment.

  • Farmers First

Farmers form the backbone of our country and helping the farmers is one of our core philosophies, and doing so nets us both – an excellent, high quality product, as well as being able to pay the farmers what they deserve. We aim to maintain the high standards of our product, all while benefiting the core of our agriculturally driven country.

  • From Source to Cup

We stress on minimal tampering between the sourced ingredients and the finished product. We do not believe in the introduction of a throng of middlemen and hope to eliminate those as much as possible. We focus on the direct interaction, products arriving straight from the source and giving cost of labor where it is due.