Giving Back

Giving Back

  • Social Impact

Giving back to society is one of our core ethics, less an obligation and more a belief to act on. Since so much of our vision is steeped in a better future for our customers, this extends to bettering the society. We also work with ‘Give Me Trees’ to ensure that we work efficiently for the betterment of the earth. We try to foster a healthy relationship with nature as well as the farmers for a completely sustainable and mutually beneficial business endeavor.

  • Helping Farmers

Farmers form the backbone of our country, giving us the same food that helps us grow healthy and strong. Helping the farmers is one of our core philosophies, and doing so nets us both – an excellent, high quality product, as well as being able to pay the farmers what they deserve. We aim for maintaining the high standards of our product, all while benefiting the core of our agriculturally driven country.

  • Environmental Friendly

Our products are organically farmed and this practice uses natural fertilizers and avoids chemical pesticides and preservatives. Organic farming uses less energy, avoids pollution in any form and is sustainable; all of it leading to bettering our planet. We source our materials sustainably, and discard all those which harbour the potential to harm the environment. We firmly believe in the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. We limit wastage as much a possible and rely on eco friendly methods- both in our production and our workplace ethos.

  • Women Empowerment

We believe in the cause of women’s empowerment and actively do our part to give women the opportunities they need to succeed. Our warehouse and in-house logistics team, both enjoy a healthy near 50:50 ratio between men and women. We believe in hiring on the basis of merit and qualifications, not gender. We hire and train skilled women workers for our warehouse, giving them the opportunity to provide for their families and having greater purchasing power, all while encouraging learning and self-improvement. We are proud and active participants of Internshala’s “Internship for Women” initiative, providing a way for qualified and talented women on a career break or just starting their career to gradually integrate into the workforce.