The Changing Landscape of Health: Organic Revolution 

March 16, 2020 2 min read

Organic food is strikingly different from conventionally-grown food since it is grown under a natural agricultural system without any synthetic fertilizers. Organic foods are processed with organically produced raw materials and are gaining immense popularity worldwide. These days people are becoming increasingly aware of their health and the products that serve these concerns. 

Many people are banking on organic foods and superfoods to meet their essential nutritional requirements and health goals. A few factors have contributed to the recent proliferation in the organic food industry and some have been listed below: 

  • Rising Health Concerns - Millenials want to know how their food is prepared! They are gradually becoming more health-conscious and discarding low-quality nourishment that compromises their well-being. Thus organic foods and superfoods are gaining immense popularity because of their GMO-free nature, abundance in nutrients, no-growth hormones, zero antibiotics, limited pesticides, increased freshness levels, and better environmental stability. With the growing awareness amongst people, it is only a matter of time that the organic products will overthrow all the conventional food items we consume. 
  • Adaptation of Western Culture - Although India is renowned for its organic farming culture, it is the adaption of western culture and their mindfulness about organic food which led to a similar revolution here. The Middle East and Africa and Latin America are regarded as the hubs of organic development. The trend towards healthful eating is directly related to the increase in demand for organic food. Spurred by this demand for organically grown fruits and vegetables seems to be spreading throughout the world.  
  • The revival of Organic Farming - Ceaseless utilization of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers in farms has led to low-quality nourishment that poses an unsafe effect on human wellbeing. This has led to the discovery of a healthier and safer alternative named organic farming. Organic products have led to the abandonment of synthetic chemicals and are environment-friendly. This is not only sustainable but also a beneficial nourishment choice. 

Several nutritionists suggest that one should consume no genetically engineered foods and pitch on organic foods. People are increasingly avoiding the consumption of non-organic materials and depending upon completely organic materials. This transition is a great step in the direction of the organic revolution and India will surely witness the new era of ‘wellness foods’. 

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