The Rich History of Green Tea

September 11, 2019 2 min read

Green tea's history dates back to 2737 BC and has been documented across various southeast Asian cultures. The history of green tea has many stories but the historians believe only a few are true. It is said that green tea was invented in China and has its roots in Southeast Asia as well. Today, green tea is widely produced and manufactured in many Asian countries.

Green Tea -  Discovery 

Green Tea is widely accepted that green teawas first steeped in 2737 BC during the reign of Emperor Shennong, who was a popular figure in Chinese Mythology. During one of his travels, Shennong and his convoy stopped to have some rest, few tea leaves fell into his cup of hot water from a burning tea twig. The water changed its color but went unnoticed by the emperor. When he consumed this, he found it to be extremely refreshing and requested the servants to prepare it for him afterwards.

This event holds great important in the history of teas, especially in the history of green tea since this was the first instance of any tea being brewed and consumed. 

According to some cultural historians, green tea originated when fresh tea leaves were chewed and eaten for recreating purposes by tea farmers all over Southeast Asia. These plucked leaves were then processed before being steeped into hot water.

By 5th century, during the rule of the Tang dynasty, drinking tea became a socially-accepted convention all over China. Formal 'tea ceremonies' began taking place and tea drinking became an integral part of China's social life. It was during this period that the process of steaming tea leaves was brought to life. 

Steaming was a method associated with the production of green tea. It was originated in China in 8th century and was instrumental in preventing the darkening of the tea leaves. One such process resulted in the discovery of sencha green tea, a green tea made by infusing the processed whole tea leaves in hot water. Today, top quality Chinese green tea leaves are steamed as well. 

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