Oolong Tea And Its Effectiveness in Weight Loss

September 11, 2019 2 min read

Calories that are gained from beverages like soft drinks and sweetened juices are extremely harmful. They not only add unnecessary calories to your diet, but even deter your weight loss goals. However, this is not the case with all beverages and teas can play an effective role in shedding those unwanted pounds.

Oolong is a Chinese tea that offers several health benefits like helping in losing weight, speeding up metabolism and even combating cholesterol. It is heralded as one of the best weight-loss teas that are actually effective and full of other benefits. As per the Chinese Journal of Integrative Medicine, a study found that this tea reduces weight as well as fat if consumed for six weeks straight. But one must maintain a balanced diet, do regular exercise and reduce calorie intake to reap maximum benefits.

Benefits of Oolong Tea

  • The high antioxidant content in oolong can help in controlling blood sugar and reducing fat. The presence of antioxidants help in weight reduction, especially in fat deposits like the tummy and arms. 
  • Oolong tea also helps to speed up your metabolism and makes you burn more calories.
  • Oolong tea also aids in reducing inflammation and proves to be helpful for ulcer problems. It kills harmful bacteria owing to its antibacterial properties and makes digestion smooth.

How to Use 

You can make this refreshing drink by adding oolong tea leaves in boiling water and steeping it for five minutes. It is said that drinking oolong tea twice a day will help you in losing weight and maintaining your health. This tea is extremely flavorful and one cannot say no to it.  

Chinese oolong tea or organic oolong tea can help in weight loss if accompanied with regular exercise and a low-carb diet.

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