Can Tea Bags be Reused? Definitely Yes!

January 02, 2020 2 min read

Earlier, Tea was primarily used for its medicinal nature. For over 3000 years the role of tea was limited to its medicinal abilities. But with tea come its tea bags, and surprisingly they are also full of impeccable uses. 

We often end up throwing tea bags away as waste and fail to recognize the usefulness they possess. But not anymore! You will surely stop throwing them away as trash once you get to know how to utilize them. 

Today tea bags are made 100% biodegradable which brought them their popularity back. The surprising fact about tea bags is that they can be reused more than once. However, it is suggested to reuse the tea bags only once, otherwise the tea will become weak.
Moist tea bags can be kept at room temperature for one day at most. You can refrigerate them in order to prevent mold and bacteria growth. All you have to remember is that since tea is a natural product, it will eventually go bad after certain point of time even after being refrigerated. So when in doubt, make use of your nose to check for bad smell. 
If your tea bags begin to smell bad as you take them out of the refrigerator, you can probably use them as compost, and sprinkling the leaves on plants. Not only this, tea bags can be used an eyewash too.Simply put them in the fridge for ten minutes and place it on your puffy eyes. It brings a refreshing feeling to your eyes and can help relieve dark circles and puffiness. 

You can also put some leftovers in water and soak your feet in it. The water nourishes the skin and removes odour. 

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